X/O juices

Fitt Pro Team and X/O have been achieving great success in the field of weight reduction, body detoxification, and impact on the health of our users for years.

We can boast of the fact that over 12,000 users have gone through our detox program. In the work so far, the Fitt Pro Team kitchen has managed to produce more than 500,000 X/O drinks, including a series of manual food processing technologies, in order to extract the most important nutrients from each, in the most natural way.

The ingredients of X/O juices are partly of organic origin, for which we also have a certificate.


About juices

Juices are produced every week on Sundays, when delivery is also available on the territory of Belgrade and Novi Sad in the time period from 18-22h.

X/O juices are not heat-processed, have no added sugars and additives, are gluten-free and full of live enzymes.

Detox and Slim juices come in a volume of 450 ml and 250 ml for Immuno, and are composed of over 33 components of fruits, vegetables, spices and teas per bottle. Preparation of juices takes more than 12 hours and is based on cold pressing, vacuum pressing and blending at low speeds. With such production, we preserve all the nutrients and enzymes.

X/O processes each foodstuff, out of a total of 42, in its own unique and best way, while cold press technology is only used in 6 foods, mostly of citrus origin.

Our juices are nutritional, they feed you, and they don’t deprive you of anything.

X/O Detox

X/O Slim

X/O Imuno


At the beginning of the program, it is recommended to use X/O Detox juices in the first week. Consumption is limited to a maximum of four days a week, while a balanced diet is recommended for the rest of the week until the start of the next cycle of the program.

The use of detox juices is limited to four days a week, since that time is enough to cleanse the body of toxins, but also because that type of diet does not contain a sufficient amount of protein, which is necessary to maintain the balance in the body. For this reason, we advise our users to consume specially created diet regimes – ByeBye Weight or Hello Balance – in the period until the start of the next cycle of the program.

You can consume detox juices every week, there are no contraindications. In the years behind us, it has been shown that the continuous use of juices gives the best results, which are reflected both on body weight and on the overall health of the organism.

Juices are produced every week – on Sundays. Due to the limited amount of branch groceries, we also have a limited capacity of 2000 juices per week, so it is necessary to order juices no later than Thursday at 12 noon, in order to secure your weekly package of X/O juices.

The production itself takes more than 12 hours, so the package is delivered on Sundays, between 6 pm and 10 pm.

You can order juices by calling, sending an SMS/e-mail/Viber/WhatsApp message or through our online store.

After collection, it is necessary to store the juices in the refrigerator and in a dark place, so that cold air circulates around them. In the summer period, the temperature at which the juices are kept must not exceed 2°C.

Before detoxification itself, it is necessary to prepare the body for that process by avoiding spicy food, alcohol, and excessive consumption of nicotine/cigarettes/tobacco during the weekend.