X/O Slim juices

Are you not satisfied with the results of short-term diets, after which you regain the lost kilograms?

With our X/O Slim program, a permanent method of weight reduction, the pounds will be a thing of the past, and your immune system will be strengthened many times over.

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About X/O Slim Juices

The X/O Slim program contains a total of 1000 kcal and 70% organic food per day.

The X/O Slim program is based on lifestyle changes and a healthy and permanent weight reduction method. From the program, primarily, you can expect a reduction in body weight of 6-8 kg for women and 8-10 kg for men on a monthly basis.

X/O Slim juices are partly of organic origin, for which we have the appropriate certificate. Juices are low in calories, but nutritious enough to make your juicing period go as smoothly as possible. They come in 450 ml packaging, marked with serial numbers from 1-5, with instructions for use.

On a daily basis, they are composed of over 34 components, mostly vegetables, with a touch of citrus and local fruits. Each juice contains a minimum of 3 types of tea. The way juices are made is a combination of several techniques. Cold pressing, blending at low speeds, but also pressing necessary foods, such as beets, pumpkins and carrots.

The X/O Slim program was born as an idea after many years of experience in the field of sports, fitness and nutrition. For you, we have created an ideal solution for reducing body weight.

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35€ / 4200 RSD

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50€ / 5900 RSD

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65€ / 7700 RSD


You schedule a consultation with a Fitt Pro Team expert (doctor of sports medicine, nutritionist, trainer or one of the authorized persons). We take the following parameters: height, weight, age, percentage of subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, percentage of musculature and body water, basal and active metabolism, and METABOLIC YEARS.

Based on the obtained parameters, the nutrition team of Fitt Pro Team creates a nutrition program.

First week: MONDAY – TUESDAY – WEDNESDAY you consume X/O Detox juices, 5 juices a day at the exact prescribed time.

Once you are done with the detoxification program, THURSDAY – FRIDAY – SATURDAY – SUNDAY you eat according to the established diet plan or you can continue the program by taking our Bye Bye Weight diet.

Saturday is the day you come for a control measurement, where we determine your progress and make a further plan for reducing your body weight.

Second week: depending on progress you can expect X/O SLIM juices, which have 1000 kcal in one day, as much less compared to X/O DETOX juices.

Based on previous experience, the program gives the following results: First week: 3-3.5 kg less in men, 2-2.5 kg in women. Second week: 2kg less for men, 1.5kg for women. Third and fourth week: 2kg less for men and 1kg less for women.

In case you have not fulfilled the agreed plan and program in the first week, the program is terminated.




During the X/O SLIM program, from previous experience with users, it is predicted that during the 28 days that the program lasts, there will be a loss of body weight of 8 to 12 kg. The program is only effective if you follow the advice prescribed to you. In order to lose 1 kg of extra weight, you need to be in a deficit of, on average, 7500 calories – the calculation is clear.

Our program works according to the system of lower caloric intake than usual, to which your body is currently adapted.