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FITT PRO TEAM center was created on the basis of many years of experience in the field of sports, fitness and nutrition. We have created an ideal solution for reducing body weight and achieving body balance.

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The idea of establishing the FITT PRO TEAM center for weight reduction arose after many years of experience in the field of sports, fitness, and nutrition. For you, we have created an ideal solution for reducing body weight. Our team is here to respond at any time and find the ideal solution to your perfect line, without harming your health.


Fitt Pro Team nutrition programs are created in collaboration with dieticians/nutritionists, sports medicine doctors, personal trainers and sports workers, as well as specialist chefs. Bye Bye Weight & Hello Balance are perfectly balanced programs, with a precisely determined number of calories, depending on whether you want to regulate your body weight or to completely change your lifestyle, and thus your complete state of health, by introducing a variety of healthy foods.

The nutrition programs that we prepare for you were created as an idea to prepare and deliver three main meals and two snacks to users at an affordable price. You know in advance what, when and how much you want to eat without thinking about calories, all while saving time.


X/O juices are partially organic and come in a volume of 450 ml, and are composed of over 9 components of fruits, vegetables and teas per bottle. The method of juice preparation is based on cold pressing, vacuum pressing, and blending at slow speeds without heating.

X/O juices are not thermally processed, have no added sugars and additives, are gluten-free and full of live enzymes.

Juice production is every week on Sundays, when delivery is also from 18:00 to 22:00. Juices must be ordered no later than Thursday.

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