X/O Imuno juices

Everything starts with immunity, and everything ends with it.

Don’t wait for viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and all other microorganisms to pose a threat to your health, treat your body with X/O Immuno juices today.

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About X/O Immuno juices

Immunity or the immune system is the defense mechanism of our organism, which has the role of protecting the organism from various foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and all other microorganisms that pose a threat to our health, then from toxins and even from tumors that the body it can only develop.

During the program, the goal is to separate you from bad lifestyle habits, show the way to change your lifestyle, so that the quality of your life is on a much higher scale.

X/O IMUNO juice contains a total of 800 kcal and 80% organic food.

X/O Immuno Juices are made from ingredients of organic origin and certified by the German Immunity Institute. Also, they are not thermally processed, have no added sugars and additives, are gluten-free and full of living enzymes. They come in 250 ml packaging, marked with serial numbers from 1-5, with instructions for use.

During the production of X/O Immuno juices, more than 30 ingredients are used, among which we single out nettle, moringa, celery, parsley, lime, walnut, and chicory. And if they’re low in calories, they’re nutritious enough to make your juicing period go as smoothly as possible. The method of juice preparation is based on cold pressing, vacuum pressing and blending at low speeds.


25€ / 3000 RSD


35€ / 4200 RSD


45€ / 5300 RSD


We start the program with a scheduled consultation with an expert from the Fitt Pro Team (doctor of sports medicine, nutritionist, trainer or one of the authorized persons). We take the following parameters: height, weight, age, percentage of subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, percentage of musculature and body water, basal and active metabolism, and METABOLIC YEARS.

Based on the obtained parameters, the nutrition team of Fitt Pro Team creates a nutrition program.

You start consuming X/O Immuno juices at the beginning of the week, 5 juices a day at the exact prescribed time, and the duration of the program depends on the type of program you choose.

When you are done with the program to strengthen your immunity, you start the already established nutrition plan. The food you consume during the X/O Immuno treatment must not be high in calories, spicy, or rich in simple refined sugars.

In case you did not fulfill the agreed plan and program in the first week, the program is interrupted.




During the X/O IMUNO Program, from previous experience with users, it is predicted that during the 30 days the program lasts, there will be a loss of body weight of 8 to 12 kg. The program is only effective if you follow the prescribed advice. In order to lose 1 kg of extra weight, you need to be in a deficit of, on average, 7500 calories – the calculation is clear. Our program works according to the system of lower caloric intake than usual, to which your body is currently adapted.